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Jim Edwards

Preserving Memories in Oil

Understanding (one of) my Painting Techniques

Hi Folks, Jim Edwards here! I'm excited to embark on my journey of creating art for people beyond my circle of friends and family. Before we begin, let me share some insight into my painting techniques and why I use them. In a series of upcoming blogs, I'll share my experiences of painting, so join me on this artistic adventure!

I prefer to use a technique called "layer painting" when creating my art. This method involves painting in thinner, translucent layers, with up to 30 layers in any given spot on the painting.

I choose this time-tested technique because each layer adds depth and realism to the painting, making it a truly spiritual journey to watch the painting evolve, layer by layer. During this process, I change hues and colors to achieve the desired depth and cohesiveness. This is what truly puts me "in the zone" while painting.

While there are numerous painting techniques, the layer technique resonates with me the most, and I find it to be a blast.

Come along with me on my artistic journey to create unique pieces of art that will complement your home or office.

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